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Total Energy Solution Provider

Hanwha Techwin is expanding over to energy equipment business with its world class technology, top quality and services that make airplane engines

Our own technology Compressor business

Hanwha Techwin is providing air compressors of amazing performance. The 100% oil-free air compressor made by high-end technology is receiving favorable comments as installed in various industrial sites of oil and gas, air separation, petrochemistry, steel, shipbuilding, motor vehicle, chemistry, electronics, glass and metal. The gas compressor developed by our own technology guarantees the best quality in processes of exploitation of energy sources, transportation, storage and retreatment and energy recovery.

Gas turbine engine production specialist enterprise Generator business

Hanwha Techwin, as the only gas turbine/engine production specialist enterprise in Korea, is supplying emergency generator with the optimum after-sales service to various facilities such as communication businesses and hospitals that require stable power supply.
The environment-friendly heat merger generation facility, which reduces the highly-increasing energy costs with a small emission amount of harmful substance such as CO₂, CO and NOx, provides optimized service by analyzing energy consumption pattern of the customers.

Corresponding to the best value
Package business

Hanwha Techwin is optimizing the value of the customers with its technology and experience in various gas turbine generators and compressor package production as well as the production facilities of the highest global standard. The Korean navy warship propulsion LM2500 gas turbine package, land and FPSO use gas turbine generators, gas turbine compressor package, motor-driven compressor package are reacting to the various demand of the market with the highest valves.